Heal Your Past Traumas!

Dr. Joe Dispenza states that they have had several people in their workshops heal themselves of very difficult conditions. He refers to one lady in particular, who experienced a very sudden loss. The very strong emotions that this event triggered, then lingered for a long period of time until it began to define her as a personality. Joe confirms that it is a scientific fact that the hormones of stress push the genetic buttons that create disease. “The long-term effects of living by those chemicals are literally harmful to our bodies, justified or not,” states Joe.

Joe declared that this particular woman’s experience was so traumatic that the emotions lingered for weeks, months depressedwomanand finally years. He maintained that it became part of her identity and as a result of the long-term effects, her personality became defined by the past instead of the future, and the result of this was that her body began to break down. In a very short amount of time, she developed paralysis from the waist down, which of course, created even more stress in her life.

She could no longer work or take care of herself or her children, prompting her to seek the assistance of others. Because of the added stress, her stress hormones went up even further and in a short amount of time, she developed ulcerations and eventually esophageal cancer. “Fortunately,” said Joe, “this woman was smart enough to realize that the effect of those chemicals was the reason she developed her condition.” She began to recognize that if she created the condition because she was living by this traumatic event, then it was possible to un-create it and create something else.

So she began to work the meditations that Joe taught her every single day, whether she felt like it or not. Joe noted that there were many, many days when she did not feel like it. But she made the decision that she would not get up from her meditations until she was in love with life. Joe concluded that to a materialist, she had no good reason to be in love with life. But she was determined to teach her body emotionally what her future could feel like before it was made manifest in her life. Little by little, she overcame a small part of herself each day.

Within about a year, this woman was able to reverse these terrible and debilitating conditions in her life. “To this day,” happywomanJoe continues, “this woman has no cancer, she has no ulcerations, she has no paralysis, and no pain on the inside or the outside of her body and she has a new life.” Joe states, “that disease existed in the old personality. It no longer exists. She has literally become someone else.”

Joe affirms that this woman and many others who were in similar situations claim that these traumatic experiences were their greatest teachers. “What we need to understand,” Joe contends, “is that we can be defined by a vision of the future instead of the neuro-chemistry and chemical emotions of the past. This is when we change our personality and we create a new personal reality.”

Because of the experience of this woman and others, Joe decided to put together an online course to give people the most important information from both types of workshops, the intensive workshop and the progressive workshop. Joe continues, “both of these workshops are taught around the world and we decided to piece them together into one, to gather the most important information, put the meditations with it and then give them to you in the comfort of your own home so that you can practice on a weekly basis and monitor your own progress.”

“We think it is the best course ever,” says Joe, “and I invite you to come and join me.” To learn more about this online course, please click the banner below:

Change Your Energy To Match Your Potential!

If you would like to learn how to demystify the mystical and be what Dr. Joe Dispenza calls, “common or ordinary people doing uncommon and extraordinary things,” then you have come to the right place! It doesn’t matter whether you want to change your health, create a new job or opportunity in your life, or heal from some past experience that keeps traumatizing you over and over again, Joe wants to teach you how to know when you are in a creative state to change this and when you are not.

Joe challenges you to take a little bit of time out of your day, every day, to learn these principles that he teaches and do the applications and meditations. If you do this, you can change your beliefs and perceptions about yourself and meditativeladychakrascreate the life you desire instead of living your life based on past experiences. “In order to change a belief or perception about yourself and your life, you need to make a decision with such firm intention that the amplitude of that decision carries a level of energy that’s greater than the hardwired programs already established in your brain. If you do this, and learn to change the emotional conditions of your body, your body will literally have to respond to a new mind,” Joe tells us.

The goal is for the choice to then become an experience that you will never forget. Joe teaches that this is the moment that the past no longer has a biological hold on you. Joe shares that people who have held firm, debilitating beliefs for twenty, thirty, forty years or more are doing exactly that and the side effect, Joe warns, “is to create a new life.” Joe knows from experience that all of the potentials exist in the quantum field and he will show you how to find what he calls that “sweet spot in the generous, present moment.”

“Once you understand how to be in the present moment,” Joe continues, “we will teach you how to change your energy and when you change your energy to match a potential that already exists in the quantum field, when your energy matches that experience energetically, that new reality will be drawn to you.” Joe explains that his course will teach you specifically how to select the potentials that you desire, whether they are improved health, a mystical moment, or whatever your passion or desire is, so that you can live the life that you desire.

Joe says it’s important for you to understand the basics of how to go from your old self to a new self, a new personality. He will teach you how to program your autonomic nervous system so that you can begin to make a new pharmacy of manwakesupgrumpychemicals and begin to reorganize your biology. Joe calls the nervous system, “the greatest pharmacy in the world.” Joe notes that most people get up in the morning and the first thing that they do is get in touch with the emotion that best defines them. If it is suffering or guilt or unworthiness, that is the emotional state from which they begin their day. “In other words,” says Joe, “they are already living in the past.”

“But what if,” Joe continues, “you could become conscious of those emotions that keep you anchored in the past and you can begin to change your destiny?” He teaches that how you think combined with how you feel broadcasts an electromagnetic signature into the quantum field. What you are thinking, you send out into the field and what you are feeling, draws potentials back to you. “If you can change your overall energy,” Joe explains, “you can change your life.”

At that point, Joe explains that you can then become your own scientist, measuring your own results. He wants to remind you that you are not a linear being living a linear life, but instead you are a dimensional being, living a dimensional life. To learn more about Joe Dispenza’s new online workshop, click the banner below:

Become Defined By The Future!

If you are reading this right now, you have an opportunity to set yourself apart from the majority of people who are suffering every day from some type of mental, emotional or physical suffering. Dr. Joe Dispenza has been teaching people how to heal themselves on all levels for many years. In fact, he has spent he mindbodyconnectionentire adult life making this his life mission after a crisis in his own life, in his early twenties. Because of that experience, he was determined to spend the rest of his life studying the mind-body connection and most specifically, how we can rise above levels of stress and crisis to turn those critical points in our lives around before it is too late.

Joe traveled all over the world to teach these principles in workshops. Now for the first time, those same workshops are available online. He wants you to know what this course is all about! This course is designed to teach you how to define your life by a vision of the future instead of the traumas and crises of your past. Because your brain is a reflection of your external environment, it is organized in such a way that it reflects everything you have ever known in your life. Joe calls it an “artifact,” of everything that you have learned and experience to date.

If you have been thinking and feeling the in the same debilitating ways for a long time, Joe says this means two things: Number one is that nothing new is happening in your life. And second, those same thoughts are creating equal emotional states and you are thinking in the past. If you are tired of living the same patterns out over and over, Joe says that his research clearly shows that people who begin thinking about a better future with a clear intention, coupled with an elevated emotion, their lives begin to drastically improve.

Joe defines an intention as a vision in the quantum field that you get to select. He recommends asking yourself these types of questions: “What would it be like to be healthy? What would it be like to be wealthy? justbefreeWhat would it be like to be free or in love?” He calls these creative questions that turn on the area of your brain called the frontal lobe and your brain begins to search for the answers based on what it already knows about those specific questions. Joe describes this as looking out over the entire landscape of the brain where it begins to randomly select different neural networks that are connected to the things you have learned about these things, and your brain begins to put those ideas together and create an internal representation, or vision, of what that might look like or feel like.

“That is a potential experience that is awaiting you. But it is not enough to just think about these things. Your thoughts combined with your feelings create your state of being.” Joe directs you to change that state of being to one who is willing and able to experience a more positive future. When you can get clear on what it feels like to be free, to be in love, to have financial freedom, to be in a state of gratitude, that is the moment that your mind and body begin to live in the future reality, or in the present moment.

At that point, you are living a new personality, which will create for you a new personal reality. The online course is designed to give you the tools to be defined by that vision of the future. He explains that his research shows that when people learn the correct methods to accomplish this, they begin to have coherence in their brains, bodies and hearts. Joe educates us that the majority of the time, 70% of the people in this world are living by the hormones of stress. When you are living in stress, you are living in survival. Those chemicals induced by stress keep you anchored down to the material world because you are wired to place all of your attention on the perceived threat.

Joe teaches people in his workshops how to overcome this state of being and get out of survival mode, so that they can experience the lives they desire. To learn more about Dr. Joe Dispenza’s online workshop, click the banner below:

Don’t Memorize Suffering!

Joe Dispenza asks us to question, do we know someone who has memorized suffering? He says it doesn’t have to be you, it could be anybody! We are all guilty of this at one time or another, whenever we are feeling down. People will ask us to go somewhere or do something fun and the problem is that we just don’t feel like it! Do you want to know why this happens to you? It is because you have been thinking thoughts that have brought you down for so long that you may have memorized suffering! But it is not your fault because you didn’t realize that is what you were doing! Or if this makes you think of someone else, remember that they did not realize it either! They are literally programmed!

The reason is because most people don’t really understand how the brain actually works. When we have thought about certain things enough times, they become programs in our subconscious minds. Joe tells us to think of a TV program. televisionIt has a beginning and an end. He educates us that these subconscious programs are exactly the same way. They have a beginning and an end. And they repeat, over and over and over! But the problem is that we get caught in thinking, feeling cycles and whenever something reminds us of a certain thought, it conjures up emotions to match that thought. But even less known to most people is that whenever they are feeling a certain way, those feelings also conjure up thoughts to match the emotion! And so, the program repeats itself. If that program happens to be one of suffering, eventually we get to the point where our bodies have memorized that “suffering program.”

In order to change this, we must first become aware of it. We must first recognize that we are doing this and realize that we want to change it. This is called “metacognition,” whenever we become aware of what we are thinking. That is when we literally become someone else, objectively observing who we used to be. That is the first step to changing our minds and programming them in more positive, healthy ways.

“The problem,” Joe explains, “is that most people wait until it is too late to change this. Most people wait until there is a crisis or a trauma or some type of disease or loss. That is the point where the ego is brought down to such a low level, that it can no longer go on as business as usual.” That is the point when people realize that they have to make a change and take a good look at the habitual thoughts and emotions they are living by every day. Joe says that his message is, problemlady“Why wait? We can either learn how to change in a state of pain and suffering or in a state of joy and inspiration.”

Joe directs us to recognize that the problem with human beings is that, “we have this big cerebral cortex and we can begin to anticipate problems in our lives. We can think about some future worst case scenario. We can attend to it to the exclusion of everything else and our body begins to produce the very chemicals as if we are already in that event.” Whenever we conjure up some old, bitter memory, it comes to life and we begin to produce the same exact same chemicals in our body as if that event is already occurring.

“It is a scientific fact that the chemicals of stress push the genetic buttons that create disease,” Joe warns. “We can turn the stress response on just by thought alone, which means then, your thoughts can make you sick.” Joe begs the question, “If your thought can make you sick, can they make you well? The answer is a definite YES!

Joe has been teaching these strategies in his workshops to people all over the world, and has documented many cases where people have reversed this process and trained themselves to think and feel in ways that have made them well, due to this knowledge. You can now receive these same teachings in this new online workshop. To learn more, click the banner below:

The Conscious Vs. The Subconscious

Because we keep doing the same things over and over again, those most commonly wired, neurologically fired programs run redundantly in our brains. Dr. Joe Dispenza tells us that in order to change your mind, you need for your brain to work in new ways, creating new patterns and sequences and making new connections. The more we learn, the more information we get, the more we are creating those new connections. Joe calls this the one ingredient that allows us to change our subconscious programs. Forming those new connections is exactly what learning is and memory is the act of maintaining and sustaining those same programs.

What makes those connections even stronger in our subconscious minds is the fact that every time we have a thought, our brain makes a chemical. Joe tells us that if we have a joyful or unlimited thought, we turn on certain circuits in the brain that turns on a very specific sequence, and that chemical matches those happy thoughts. By the same token, if we have depressed or anxious thoughts, a different sequence takes place in the brain, sending out different chemicals to match those unhappy thoughts. Those chemicals are what make us feel emotions.

Joe calls this, “feeling the way you think because your brain is in constant communication with the body, and then thinking the way you feel, then feeling the way you think and thinking the way you feel.” Our subconscious minds are playing these loops every day of our lives! Joe calls the redundancy of those same cycles over time your “state of being.” That is when your body and mind are working together and your thoughts and feelings are aligned to a specific concept, often one that you do not want to experience!

As people get caught in these cycles over time, they condition the body to memorize that emotion as well as the dialingphoneconscious mind and once the body knows as well as the mind, this is called a habit. He uses the example of trying to remember a phone number and no matter how hard you try, you cannot remember. But then you reach for the phone and your fingers remember the number, even though your mind forgot! These sets of emotional reactions, beliefs, perceptions and attitudes run just like a computer program! 95% of the time, you are going through your day unconscious! Only approximately 5% of the time are you actually consciously paying attention to everything going on around you and not living on autopilot!

Joe compares this to David and Goliath. No wonder it is so hard to change our habits! No matter how positively you try to think, if your feelings don’t match the thought and your brain is conjuring up antagonistic thoughts that match your feelings, you are at war with Goliath and don’t even realize it!

Joe calls this mind and body in opposition. He says it is no different than a garden, you always have to pull the weeds out and you always have to be pruning those old negative patterns in order to fertilize the joy of the creation that you dreamgardenwant to experience. He says, “The senses should be the last to experience what our mind has created.” Don’t say, “Oh, when this dream garden comes, I’m going to be happy,” Joe warns. Instead you say, “The thought I’m having is the experience itself! And the experience then produces the emotion and once the emotion begins to occur, now your brain and body are in the future instead of the past.”

Joe recommends trusting the invisible Intelligence within you. “It knows more than you know. It has a will much greater than yours. It has a mind much greater than yours. It has a love for life that’s much greater than your love for life. If your will can match It’s will, if your love for life can match It’s love for life, maybe It will answer the call!”

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Change Your Personal Reality

Do you ever catch yourself thinking the same thoughts as the day before, performing the same actions, and then living the same experiences that they produce? Do you secretly wish that your life could change? When you are living in stress, you are living in survival mode. When in survival mode, you are feeling emotions such as depression, anger, aggression, hatred, judgment, fear, anxiety, guilt shame and unworthiness, to name a few. Dr. Joe Dispenza tells us that those feelings are all created by the hormones of stress.

When you are living by these hormones, you are always going to try and control your outcome, try to predict what is going to happen. You become focused on your body and your external environment, and you find it impossible to get calculatorsout of your own way! Joe lets people know that sometimes it takes a few days for his students to retreat from their lives long enough to forget about their bills, their bank accounts, and all of the mounting responsibilities. But sometimes that is what it requires – to get away and get beyond all of those things in order to take time to create a new future for yourself.

Joe reminds us that whenever you are in the same environment every day, seeing the same people who push the same emotional buttons, you begin to turn on circuits in your brain and you begin to think thoughts equal to your environment. This causes you to think about everything that you know, related to that environment. But Joe asks us to question, “If you are thinking equal to everything that is familiar and known to you, what do you create more of? The same life!” He reminds us that the quantum law is still applying to you, it is just that your thinking equal to everything that you know related to those same stressful events, and therefore, creating more of the same.

“To change, in order to truly change, you have to start thinking greater than your environment,” he recommends. He tells us that every great person in history knew this. They all had a vision and even though they couldn’t see it, taste it, touch it or feel it, it was alive in their mind. So alive, that they began to live their lives as if that reality was happening to them now. So Joe challenges us, “Can you begin to believe in a future that you can’t see or experience with your senses yet? But you’ve thought about it enough times in your mind that your brain is literally changed to look like the event has already happened?” He reminds us that neuroscience says it is absolutely possible!

Joe proclaims that your personality creates your personality. And the way you think, act and feel makes up this personality of yours. He recommends changing your personality on a fundamental level and the way to do that is to change those repetitive thoughts, feelings, actions and experiences that you have over and over on a day to day basis.

It requires consistent dedication, action and meditation to walk through the door and out into the quantum field. In order to get something out of nowhere, you have to first, go to nowhere! If you want to create a newer and better magicalforestfuture, you have to get beyond time. But the moment you can do this, Joe reasons that something magical happens, and he has seen this many times in his workshops. “It’s becoming redundant,” he exclaims!

Joe informs us that when you get to that point, you are no longer trying to control or predict the outcome, but instead you are trusting the outcome. You are putting your trust in the unknown. The process of creating from that state of mind or that state of being is like tuning a radio dial. He guides us to think, “It’s all about vibration. It’s all about energy. There must be a vibrational match between that energy and that potential that exists in the quantum field.”

Joe says that most people try to create a new personal reality as the same personality and it never works. If you would like to learn more about Joe’s workshops that have helped countless people, click the banner below:

Consciously Create Your Future!

If you are like most people, you probably think that you are the way you are based on experiences that have happened to you in the past. You are not alone! Most all of us will catch ourselves in a mood and then realize that we are thinking of something that happened weeks, months or years ago. Most all of us have stories that we have told ourselves about past experiences that have become who we think we are. Joe Dispenza reminds us that more often than not, people will say that they are the way they are because of something or many things that have happened to them, often many years ago.

We do this, according to Joe, because those stories are familiar to us and it is easier to think of something we manandchildalready know than to try to imagine an unknown future. But this can turn out to be our most critical mistake, and we don’t even realize it. Why? Because when we think of bad experiences the past, we are conjuring up feelings that bring us down, such as depression, anxiety, fear or guilt. And those emotions are keeping us anchored in the past.

Joe advises us to be defined by a vision of the future. He asserts that the biggest reason why we don’t do it is because we don’t really believe that it is true. He questions us, “If you knew on a gut level that it was absolutely true, would you ever miss a day?” Joe clarifies that the old model of thinking was to wait for something good to happen, such as a new job, a better career or a better relationship before we allow ourselves to feel good. The new model, he teaches, is to feel good inside first and teach the body emotionally what that future is going to feel like before it is made manifest. He says to feel awe before the mystical, to feel love before the relationship, to feel healed before there is physical evidence of a healing. If we can do that, we will create new neural circuits in our brains and new physical evidence in our bodies to look like the event has already occurred.

The epigenetic model of neurobiology says that we can change our body by thought alone. Neuroplasticity says that we can change our brain by thought alone. You brain is a record of your environment and is organized to reflect neuroplasticityeverything you know in your life, according to neuroscience. Joe says that once we establish that physical evidence that the event has already occurred, to relax, because that event is going to find you in a way that you least expect! The goal is to every day, become defined by a vision of the future and combine a clear intention with an elevated emotion.

“It’s going to take time to pull your brain and body out of the past and that is why we need to continuously invest our energy into the future,” Joe tells us. But if you are living by habit, doing the same things over and over again every single day, having the same thoughts which lead to the same feelings, then our brain isn’t changing at all and our future will match our past.

Joe reminds us that in order to heal your body, you have to get beyond your body, you’ve got to forget about your body. In order to change some aspect of your personality, you’ve got to get beyond your personality. In order to create something new in your environment, you’ve got to get beyond your association with your environment. But to those who do, Joe tells us that they all say the same thing, “It was so worth it!” Is it worth it to you?

If you would like to visit one of Joe’s live workshops where many have been documented to have had healing experiences, right in the comfort of your own home, click the banner below:

Why You Are The Placebo

If you ever wondered about the placebo effect, you are in good company. Dr. Joe Dispenza spent his entire life studying this effect because he wondered, “Why is it that in placebo studies, anywhere from 10% to 100% of the people can heal themselves by thought alone?” A placebo can be anything from a sugar pill to a saline injection to a sham surgery. If people can produce the same biological effect as the participants who took the actual drug, then Joe concluded that these people must be creating their own pharmacy of chemicals to match those exact chemicals of the drug, so he set out to measure these effects.

Joe states that he began to wonder, do these people need a sugar pill, a saline injection or a sham surgery, or can they be taught how to move into these states of being without the assistance of a placebo? He began holding workshops and measuring the changes taking place in the brains and bodies of people there who underwent a series of


Medicine concept: arrow with Placebo Effect on grunge textured concrete wall backgroundinstructions and meditations on how to do exactly that. In the last year and a half, Joe summarizes that it became very clear that people on his team have seen people heal themselves of MS, lupus, chronic pain, Hashimoto syndrome, cancer, diabetes and other debilitating or life-threatening illnesses. “This is real scientific evidence that they are really making substantial changes by thought alone. That started happening in real time, during our events,” Joe affirms.

Joe clarified that, “When people who were paralyzed in their legs, who moved around in automatic, motorized wheelchairs started standing up in front of the room, you’ve got to start thinking, how did that happen?” Joe said that his team measured, in real time, how they started signaling new genes in new ways, turning on the genes for growth and repair and turning off the genes for disease. They started seeing it over and over again.

Joe translated this to mean that instead of putting their belief and acceptance into something known, they were putting it into the unknown and continually revisiting it until they made it known and their bodies began to respond to their minds. But Joe needed to measure the results, so he brought in a team of neuroscientists, researchers and physicists and that is exactly what they set out to do.

Not only did they measure their brains before and after advanced workshops, but they scanned over 500 people’s brains before they came into the events. They did quantitative scans on their brains and randomly selected fifty or sixty people, hooking them up to brain scans during the meditations. “We wanted to see what was going on in their brains in real time,” Joe explains.

Joe contends that they measured with heart rate monitors to measure for “heart rate variability,” energy in the room, the energy field around people’s bodies, the energy centers of their bodies and changes in body fluids. “We wanted this to be objective, not just subjective in nature. We brought in the Deputy Director of Physics from the University of Russia and St. Petersburg to measure the energy in the ambient space of the room,” he described.

How did they do it? Joe asserts that, “Science can demystify the mystical, so if people can begin to understand the information, learn how to make new connections in their brains, repeat the information, then they are writing it

into their brains.” He teaches that, “Whenever you give people the property instruction and you get their behavior to match their intentions, they should have a new experience and it should transform them in some way.”

Joe is convinced that if you can measure that transformation and interpret that information, that’s more information that can be used to teach transformation. “And,” Joe discloses, “If we can measure it again, we can begin to close the gap between knowledge and experience.” Joe says that his research confirms that this is a skill that can be learned and that is what prompted him to write his best selling book, “You Are The Placebo: Making Your Mind Matter.”

Joe formulates that whenever a person understands the scientific principles of how the placebo works, you can omit that thing that exists outside of you and begin to cultivate that state of being inside of you. He adds, “When people begin to do that properly, they produce the same biological changes of those who took the placebo and they are healing themselves by thought alone.”

If you would like to learn about Joe’s new online workshop, putting together the best of all of his research, from the comfort of your own home, click the banner below:

Spiritual Practice of Dr. Joe Dispenza

Hay House CEO & President Reid Tracy decided to ask several Hay House authors to tell a little bit about their spiritual practices. When questioning Dr. Joe Dispenza about his personal spiritual practice, Joe discloses that he begins his practice first thing every morning. Joe affirms that he begins his day, first of all, becoming conscious of the unconscious self.

Joe suggests that most of us spend the majority of our days unconscious, living by unconscious programs. “The first thing that I do,” states Joe, “is to become conscious of my unconscious self; to become aware of who I no longer want potentialto be. Then I think about who I do want to be. What’s the greatest ideal of myself that I can be today?” Joe goes on to explain how important it is to bring up the corresponding emotion. He restates that he doesn’t get up until he feels what it would be like to be the greatest ideal of himself.

Joe concludes that if we can observe the old self first, then we no longer are the old self. He calls this the practice of “metacognition.” We need to first unlearn (or deprogram) the thoughts and feelings of the old self in order to be able to relearn (and reprogram) the thoughts and feelings of the person that we desire to be. The way to go about this is through mental rehearsal, which Joe deciphers as the installation of new circuits into the brain.

Joe maintains this to be a priming of the brain to think differently and priming the body to feel differently. “What we are doing,” declares Joe, “is priming synaptic connections and sprouting new connections.” Joe declares that if the brain is the electrical energy we are projecting into the quantum field and the body is the magnetic field we are projecting, then we are sending this electro-magnetic intention into the quantum field of possibilities and potentialities.

Joe described the mind as anuntrained horse.” He rationalizes that the main focus of our culture is on materialism. In order to maintain spirituality, we need to keep our attention on our potential, rather than the emotionally branded experiences of the past. He concludes that every human being has the potential to be great. “If we start there, we can make measurable changes.”

Reid then wondered aloud to Joe how long this would take? Joe recommends allowing enough time that time will no longer be an issue. Joe shares that he allows for two hours every day, but some days it only takes a matter of minutes. The purpose of allowing extra time is to keep the mind from worrying about time. If you are not worried about time, you can more easily get beyond time and to what Joe calls “the sweet spot of the present moment.”

Joe suggests that if you can get to that state of thinking and feeling like the ideal version of yourself, maintain and sustain that state and bring that into your day, to “get ready, because something new will come into your world in a way that you least expect.” Joe declares that it needs to “rock your world!” Joe recommends not getting up until you have reached the state where you can sustain this desired intention both intellectually and emotionally.

Joe affirms that if you do this every day, you have something to look forward to. “Quantum physics gives us permission to say ‘my observation matters,’ and this will have a direct effect on the body.” Joe declares that since pure mind has a direct effect on the physical body, our mind then gives life to matter and that is when healing can occur.

To learn more about Dr. Joe Dispenza’s new online course, click the banner below:

The Shift In Consciousness

If you have been studying the topic of mind and/or consciousness for any length of time, you have probably heard of The Shift Network.” But what is it, exactly? CEO and Founder Stephen Dinan explains in this video exactly what the vision and mission of The Shift Network is all about.

Stephen describes “The Shift” as a group of people who are interested in assisting Planet Earth from one way of being beautifulgardento another. “The platform,” shares Stephen, “is for people who care about this world and want to leave it a better place, as a more beautiful garden, a heaven on Earth, a place of peace, sustainability, health, opportunity and living in a more divine way.”

Stephen says that it pains him to see the violence, misunderstanding and destruction in this world where we “know how to live in a better way but have not yet been able to do it.”  Stephen believes that if you are watching this video right now, then you too, are a part of this shift!

The mission of “The Shift Network” is to empower others in a shift in consciousness, a paradigm shift in how we live. The goal is for the people on this planet to become healthy, and to live in more sacred and sustainable ways. They feature pioneers in conscious evolution, peace, holistic health; their network contains over 500 leaders and social networks. “It is clear to me on a deep, heart level,” says Stephen, “that we are not living the way we could on this planet.”

Here at Mind Books, we too are interested in assisting people to heal and to reach their highest potential in health, peace and well-being. Like “The Shift Network,” we are concerned about the violence on this planet for the sake of future generations. If you have children or grandchildren, or even if you do not, but are simply concerned for the future generations, then you will want to follow us at Mind Books, as well as “The Shift Network.” You can always find their banner here on our blog.

We are continuously on the lookout for positive mentors and leaders in this world with one goal in mind – to increase well-being for individuals and the world, in general.  We are constantly searching gardengirlout people who can help you to reach your highest potential and maximize your mental, emotional, spiritual and physical health. Healing the individual and the planet is priority number one, here at Mind Books!

Because of that, we share this insight with Stephen Dinan and other inspirational speakers, authors and teachers around the world who are willing to do their part and leave the world a better place.  We invite you to check out all mentors listed here on our blog.  We will be adding new visions and visionaries as time goes on to assist you in reaching your highest potential! As Stephen Dinan says, if you are here, then you too are part of the shift!

Changing the consciousness of this planet from one of violence and destruction to one of unity, care and compassion is indeed, a worthy goal! You are a part of that vision and we are honored to have you here! This worthy idea is what we want you to get out of this article more than anything else!

There are several courses and events in “The Shift Network,” as well as their goals to achieve a major difference here on Earth by the year 2020. We invite you to check out the online courses and events they have to offer.  If you, too, are concerned with the state of this planet and would like to learn more about what “The Shift Network” has to offer, you may want to check out the banner in the sidebar of this blog, or at the bottom of this article.  Click below if you would like to learn more: